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Thursday, December 4
Georgian military to undergo medical rehabilitation in Latvia

The Latvian Government will allocate 20,000 Lats (approximately USD 40,000) for the medical rehabilitation of 30 military personnel from Georgia, a Latvian Government official spokesman has said.

On Dec. 2 the Latvian Government upheld the Health Ministry’s proposal for granting a NATO Civil Emergency Planning Committee request for support for the medical rehabilitation of Georgian military affected by the conflict with Russia.

The rehabilitation cost per patient is 31.35 lats per day. This amount will be paid from the Latvian Health Ministry’s budget. The Latvian Defence Ministry will to cover costs of travel and transfer from Riga airport to the rehabilitation centre and back. These costs amount to 9,000 Lats, to be paid from the Defence Ministry budget.

Karasin’s statement another attempt to mislead international community – Georgian MFA

“The Georgian Foreign Ministry considers the statement of the Russian Federation State Secretary, Deputy Foreign Minister Grigori Karasin, another attempt to mislead the international community” reads an official statement of the Press and Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, released on Tuesday.

According to the Georgian Foreign Ministry, Russia is not observing the ceasefire agreement.

“Amidst continuous provocative actions by the Russian occupying troops and their puppet regimes on the occupied Georgian territories, frequent terrorist acts against civilians and Georgian law enforcement officers, violations of the rights of ethnic minorities and the build up of additional troops and military hardware, and Russia’s failure to comply with the ceasefire agreement, Karasin’s statement is another demonstration of Russia’s unconstructiveness with regard to the negotiation process that started in Geneva,” the Georgian Foreign Ministry emphasized.

It also pointed out that representatives of humanitarian missions, as well as OSCE and EU monitors, were not allowed to enter the “occupied territories.” “Karasin is cynically lying when layting responsibility for the problems that occurred during the Geneva talks solely on Georgia,” the Georgian Foreign Ministry claims.

The Georgian side has expressed satisfaction about the participation of all parties in the second round of Geneva talks, November 18-19. “Karasin is also cynical about the situation in Akhalgori district, Perevi village and other occupied territories,” the Georgian Foreign Ministry said.

The Georgian side also denied Russia’s claims of an alleged build up of Georgian police forces and MoI hardware on the territory adjacent to the occupied districts. “The Georgian side hopes that regardless Russia’s unconstructive disposition, it will change its stance and take part in plenary sessions in Geneva,” the Georgian Foreign Ministry stated.