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What are your expectations for the coming winter?

Thursday, December 4
“I’m afraid I can’t say anything optimistic, because I think this winter will be very severe, without gas, without lighting and all the conveniences.”
Levan, architect, 25

“Nothing special. It will be a very ordinary winter for me.”
Natia, student, 20

“This year will be the one of the most difficult of the last decade, because the political situation is so complicated both within and outside Georgia, and this will have consequences not only in Winter but in any season of the year.”
Dato, painter, 49

“I hope there won’t be any political or other kind of problems. I know we will be provided with gas the whole winter, I hope that the tariff will be the same.”
Maka, housewife, 39

“My expectations are the same as in previous years. I think the winter won’t be very cold and this is very good for me. I cannot make political prognoses but let’s hope there won’t be a war again.”
Dito, student, 18

“On the one hand I was shocked when Georgia didn’t receive MAP. It means that our country will face further political difficulties. All perspectives have been blocked for us in foreign policy.”
Nino, sociologist, 31

“Well as you see the New Year is coming soon and I wish my city to be colourful and vivid, full of music and joy, because all the people should enjoy the party and feel calm and happy in their homeland, which will overcome all political and economic obstacles if the whole nation unites against aggression and prays for peace.”
Elene, journalist, 20