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Professional shares her experience

Friday, December 5
The presentation of a book written by well-known Georgian actress Ia Parulava was held at Rustaveli Theatre on December 3.

The book is an interpretation by Ia Parulava of the acting principles invented by famous Russian actor and lecturer Mikheil Chekhov, later implemented by the Russian actor, playwright and director Giorgi Zhdanov. Ia Parulava was lucky enough to have studied at Zhdanov’s studio and later became his colleague while living in Los Angeles. Parulava gained much profitable experience from her work with Giorgi Zhdanov, exploring and teaching Mikhail Chekhov’s technique to student actors and actresses.

The method Parulava promotes could be used not only by professional actors or actresses but politicians, public figures, PR and marketing managers and ordinary people who want to be successful in their public appearances, contacts with people or even everyday life. The book is written very professionally from a deep knowledge of the subject, based on both theoretical accomplishments and practical experience.

The book is dedicated to the memory of famous Georgian director Mikhel Tumanishvili, who as a lecturer/maestro first introduced Mikhail Chekhov’s method to Ia Parulava when she was a student at the Theatrical Institute in Tbilisi. “I always remember my first feeling, as if I flew through the air,” writes Parulava, referring to her initial encounter with the Mikhail Chekhov method as introduced by Tumanishvili.

“I always wanted to share the experience and knowledge received at Giorgi Zhdanov’s studio in Hollywood with my compatriots, as this was his wish, and I am happy to have done so,” Ia Parulava said at the presentation ceremony.