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Compiled by Ernest Petrosyan
Friday, December 5
Perevi residents cannot bring in the harvest

Farmers from the occupied village of Perevi in Sachkhelere region are unable to collect their harvest, Sakartvelos Respublika writes. The local population say they cannot enter the cornfields because unknown box-type objects and other items are spread all over them.

According to Perevi resident Lali Bakhutashvili the tents of Russian occupiers had been erected there and the possibility that land mines are there has not been excluded. The danger facing the farmers increased after a landmine exploded in front of one resident’s plot.

The residents say they can neither release cattle for pasture nor collect potatoes, and accordingly Perevi faces winter unprepared.

Development business is being consciously destroyed

The development business is being consciously destroyed to ensure it can be monopolized, says member of the Parliamentary opposition and Georgian Dasi leader Jondi Baghaturia, Sakartvelos Respublika writes. Baghaturia had raised the subject of problems in the development business two days earlier at the Parliament session.

According to Baghaturia 150,000 employees of development companies have been rendered unemployed since January 2008 and 20 -25,000 depositors, who have already paid for their flats, will face problems.

Baghaturia says that this situation was created by mistaken decisions of the National Bank and the global financial crisis and August events. Baghaturia states that the National Bank issued an order which advised commercial banks to issue credits to development companies only within certain limits. These limits have already been exhausted and if commercial banks do not issue further credits for the development business a serious crisis will occur.

Baghapsh threatens EU observers with arrest

De facto President of Abkhazia Sergey Baghapsh will not allow EU observers into Abkhazia. Akhali Taoba reports.

The de facto President declared whilst visiting Gali that EU representatives wished to have a meeting and conversation with him. “I have not decided yet if I will meet foreign observers but I know for sure that if they enter Abkhazia they will be arrested. International Observers patrol only Georgian territory and will not penetrate into Gali,” stated Baghapsh.

EU representatives have managed to enter the Gali region’s Tagiloni village and meet the residents without any permission from the separatist Government. Sergey Shamba: “We have managed to find a common language with Irakli Alasania”

Rezonansi reports the following statement by Sergey Shamba: “We have managed to find a common language with Irakli Alasania, and even agreed on several particular issues. If Irakli Alasania’s proposals, brought to Sokhumi, had been implemented I assure you that the August events would not have happened and Georgian relations with Abkhazia and with the Russian Federation could have been different.” According to Shamba’s statement the Abkhazian side, after negotiations with Alasania, had managed to find a way out of the crisis created when Georgian troops entered Kodori Gorge.

Shamba did not answer the questions of whether the Abkhazian side will cooperate with Irakli Alasania, or whether the Abkhazian side will agree to the co-existence of two administrative areas with equal rights, Abkhazian and Georgian in one state.