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Do you think Georgia still has the support of the West?

Friday, December 5
"I think some Western countries still support Georgia, but at the same time they do not want to upset Russia. So in my opinion when Western leaders go out and talk about their support for Georgia we should not be fooled. Yes, it's good when you have supporters in the West who are ready to help you, but at the same time we should be realistic."
Lika, project manager, 29

“Formally yes, in practice so-so, words are not enough for Georgia, we need practical support and not the official statements that emerge from European leaders, still it seems that they want to help but they are avoiding Russian criticism.”
Viola, housewife, 35

“During the war Western countries showed their great support for Georgia. They did their best to stop the aggressor. I think we don’t have the same support from them now. They have changed their attitude toward Georgia. In my opinion this was mainly caused by Russian pressure on European countries.”
David, lawyer, 31

“The fact that we don’t have the same support from European countries as we had in August is already clearly felt. They seem more doubtful about Georgia, as if they don’t know which way to choose in relations with Georgia.”
Tea, dentist, 32

“Georgia is a small country. We always seek international support to feel ourselves protected. Unfortunately historical reality shows us that we have never succeeded. This tendency has changed lately. I think we have finally made Europe interested in us, although the pressure of Russia on it is sufficiently strong.”
Rezo, pensioner, 67

“Western support would be stronger if Europe wasn’t dependent upon Russian gas.”
Vakho, student, 23