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What kind of changes will the Government reshuffle bring?

Monday, December 8
“I don’t think we should expect some changes in Georgian policy or important fields such as economy, culture etc., because they are just changing places, the sum of they are remains the same.”
Ana, biologist, 64

“I’m afraid nothing will ever really change in Georgia. The Ministers and other officials are changed every month, it already looks like a game. I wonder what will happen to us in future if no specific decisions are made in organizing the Ministries?”
Natia, student, 20

“What’s the use of changing the Ministers so often? How can they implement their policy if no one knows how long they will work in a specific field? Ministers are moved from one post to another as if they are magicians and can deal with any kind of job. Why do people generally choose to deal with their speciality if they are appropriate for any post I wonder?”
Mamuka, doctor, 45

“I don’t believe in our Government and I can’t agree with its policy at all. I already don’t care for these changes. They won’t bring us anything good at all.”
Natia, housewife, 32

“I don’t expect any kind of change from this. The new Ministers are members of the same political group as their predecessors were. I think nothing will change in the country until the President is changed.”
Liana, housewife, 58

“I don’t think the reshuffle can change anything. The new Ministers are old faces in the Government, they have only changed their positions.”
Lasha, dancer, 23

“Such changes cannot improve the situation in the country. I don’t think this reshuffle was done by the Prime Minister. He did what he was told by the President”.
Rezo, pensioner, 65