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Do you think the Republicans and New Rights have created a powerful bloc?

Tuesday, December 9
“I don’t think the opposition parties are strong in Georgia nowadays. They may once have been influential but this time it is absolutely otherwise.”
Lela, teacher, 31

“I must confess I’m not competent in politics as a whole, but still I can make some suggestions about the existing situation in our country, which I think is really alarming. I don’t think anyone or anything can help us anymore.”
Misha, economist, 24

“Do you mean they have joined together? It’s a pity I don’t have enough time to watch or even hear the news about my own country, but still I’ll always be for a good and perspective union if it helps develop my country.”
Ana, musician, 29

“These two parties are more or less well organized. The Republicans are always more critical than New Rights and I think they will balance each other perfectly. Whether they manage to create a powerful bloc will depends on the leader around whom they are going to unite.”
Marina, lawyer, 36

“Neither New Rights nor Republicans are powerful opposition forces in Georgia, so I don’t think they will make any difference working together.”
Nika, student, 22

“I think these two parties really can create one powerful bloc together. But this is only a prediction. Unfortunately the last opposition union failed. I hope this won’t happen again. I suppose they learnt a lesson from their experience.”
Dali, teacher, 47