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Georgian economic highlights

By Messenger staff
Wednesday, December 10
By December 25 the 2009 state budget should be approved by Parliament. According to this Georgia’s GDP next year should be USD 13.5 billion, meaning GDP per capita of GEL 4,900. Inflation will be 7-8% and currency reserves will increase to USD 1.4 billion, say the budget projections.

Revenues are expected to amount to GEL 5.32 billion. Expenditures will include those of the: Education Ministry at GEL 525 million, Foreign Ministry at GEL 70 million, Defence at 950 and Healthcare at GEL 1.49 billion. Social programmes will cost GEL 1.13 billion, State pensions GEL 812 million. It is promised that much attention will be paid to social issues.