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Which of the newly appointed Ministers is the most suitable for his position?

Wednesday, December 10
“I think Vashadze is the most suitable. No others suit their positions, especially Rurua and Gvaramia. It's stupid to put them where they are.”
Maka, journalist, 28

“I don't want to be critical, but unfortunately none of them are. I see the new Cabinet with inexperienced Ministers, not what the country needs in such a time of crisis. I think they forgot that there are professionals in the country.”
Ana, designer, 32

“I think that Gvaramia is the most suitable for his position, he knows how to work in the Ministry, he has experience and is a good manager. I hope he will solve many of the problems that exist right now in the Ministry of Education.”
Nika, student, 20

“Grigol Vashadze is a professional diplomat; his appointment is probably one of the rare cases when the Government has made a more or less logial decision.”
Karina, phone operator, 55

“None of the Ministers is suitable for their position, almost all of them are inexperienced young men. It seems they have got their jobs not due to their professionalism but their loyalty to the President.”
Nugzari, retired, 68

“Vashadze is quite professional, maybe he will manage to start a dialogue with the Russians. Anyway he is better than Tkeshelashvili [ex-Foreign Minister]”
Robert, teacher, 49

“I think Batu Kutelia is the most suitable. He is an even-tempered person who always knows what to say and where.”
Natia, student, 20

“I like Lasha Zhvania the Minister of Economy. He has quite calm and self-confident speech. He seems to be sure of his abilities. God spare us from more mistakes.”
Gvantsa, chemist, 25

“I must confess that I can’t remember all the new names and faces, that’s why I can’t select one, but Grigol Mgaloblishvili the new Prime Minister is a well organized and determined person.”
Levan, architect, 28