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Russian Army General Headquarters deny any plan to attack Georgia

By Messenger staff
Friday, December 12
Nikolay Makarov, head of the Russian Army General Headquarters has announced at a meeting with military attaches accredited in Moscow that Russia has never had any plan to invade Georgia and has none now. The statement was a response to the claim recently broadcast by the media of different countries that Moscow plans to attack Georgia this coming spring.

As he refuted the claim Makarov highlighted that the escalation of the current insecurity is the work of Georgia. Why does he feel the need to make such a statement? Because General Makarov is lying shamelessly when he says that Russia did not plan to enter Georgia before the August war. There are many facts which demonstrate the contrary.

Russia introduced extra military contingents under the cover of peacekeepers in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. It introduced railway troops in Abkhazia. It carried out military exercises right on the border and very close to the Roki Tunnel. Russian forces began entering Georgian territory prior to August 7, Russian warplanes violated Georgian airspace. These are many more details which can also be quoted which prove that the Russian aggression against Georgia was planned well beforehand and that the Russians were deliberately carrying out provocations to trap the Georgian leadership.

The Russian Generalís statement is cynical given the fact that his country occupies 22% of a sovereign neighbourís territory and building several military bases there to add to its existing several thousand soldiers and tanks.

Donít trust Russian Generals!