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Do you think the Georgian authorities have lost the confidence of other countries?

Friday, December 12
“I think international society was always skeptical about Georgian officials. Only the USA seemed to appreciate them.”
Lana, accountant, 38

“Saakashvili and his Government receive more attention from international society than the previous two Presidents had. I think the Georgian authorities haven’t lost the confidence of other countries at all.”
Mari, student, 20

“The Georgian authorities have lost the confidence on their citizens, and this is more important than other countries’ opinion.”
Natia, housewife, 28

“I think that they have forfeited other people’s confidence because they are very passive and their behaviour irritates people.”
Nika, student, 22

“The Georgian officials have lost competence in running their own country which has made people lose confidence in them. This is alarming indeed. That’s what I can say.”
Lado, lecturer, 54

“Well I think Georgian officials still rely on Europe and America as they did before but they were very disappointed after the August war as those countries couldn’t support us with military as well as financial help.”
Davit, businessman, 39

“Georgia is a small country. It is in a seriously difficult situation, especially nowadays. So it can’t take any further steps in its development without international society. I’m sure even if our leaders have lost the confidence of the world they will never admit this. They are still hoping for more intense support from foreign countries.”
Giorgi, sociologist, 29

“The Georgian authorities have lost the trust of international society, as well as of Georgians themselves. If new elections are held, I personally will not vote for the Nationals. This is for sure.”
Manana, nurse, 47

“I think the Georgian Government is doing its best to gain the confidence of international partners. And they do it quite well. Saakashvili has good relations with many international leaders. That’s why they supported Georgia during the war.”
Vano, pensioner, 60