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Is it easy to start a business in Georgia today?

Monday, December 15
“Now, after a war, banks are much more afraid to give credits, and it’s understandable as the situation in country is not stable, so now it’s not the best time to start a business.”
Mikheil, manager, 27

“I have searched for a partner for my business for two months unsuccessfully so I’ve decided to postpone the project for several months.”
Revaz, businessman, 46

“It was not easy before the war, so why it should be easy now? Start up is quite a risky and difficult thing, as far as I know none of Georgian banks sponsors start up now.”
Mamuka, economist, 35

“I think many business segments are still free in Georgia, it depends on the initial capital the entrepreneur is going to put in.”
Lasha, student, 20

“After the war there are certain obstacles for businessmen, as the banks don’t give credits so readily as before. I think if you are a small business representative you have to take quite a big risk before starting a new business.”
Lali, accountant, 53

“As I see it Georgian banks have some economic problems after the war and this will have a bad effect on small and large-scale business. I think the Government should do something to prevent the collapse of the banking sector. A lot depends on it.”
Tina, teacher, 57

“Small business is more often a success, but it needs wise planning and distribution by the people involved in it. As for large business this is of course connected with a great amount of money and responsibility. Besides, the bigger the business you have, the more money you have to pay to the tax department.”
Kakha, sportsman, 25

“Everything is possible if you have a good idea but a good sponsor is also needed for the further development of any good idea, I think.”
Nini, student, 20

“Well, business is generally quite a serious field of economy and it needs proper organisation, financial support and wise distribution among the dealers who have to promote your idea. It’s a complicated thing and it doesn’t matter whether you have a good idea or a bad one. Any idea can be successful if it is supported by a good sponsor and if it is advertised properly.”
Nika, engineer, 46