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Do you like the new parking system in Tbilisi?

Tuesday, December 16
I think it will be more convenient than the old Soviet system. Also it will be easier to pay by card than by cash to a man responsible for the parking space.
Dato, economist, 21

Of course this modern system is better then the old one but City Hall should also think about those people who used to work at the parking places. They shouldnt be left without jobs.
Ketino, housewife, 49

I have seen such parking meters abroad. It was quite a nice system and I was a little bit jealous of them. Im glad that well soon have such a parking system in Tbilisi.
Eka, student, 20

It wont be good for people who work the whole day long if prices will be high, but if the system will be organised so as to be available for all people having cars perhaps it wont be bad at all.
Nino, sociologist, 22

Oh, Im afraid they will install measuring instruments in our lungs soon.
Irakli, doctor, 29

Well on the one hand it is good, because we will get rid of swindlingr parking men, but somehow on the other hand Im sorry for those who really earned an honest living controlling the parking lots.
Gvantsa, teacher, 35

I am not fully aware of the new parking system, but as far as I know it will be more convenient.
Ilia, diplomat, 27

It is a new system so drivers should get accustomed to it, but in my opinion the prices are too high. A tarrif of 50 tetri per hour is normal, but 1 lari is unacceptable.
David, economist, 25

The payment system is very convenient for drivers and the parking lots will be much ordered, but the 1 lari tariff is very expensive. I think 50 tetri is most acceptable for the majority of drivers.
Mikheil, taxi driver, 41