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Do you think the winter in Georgia will be harder this year than previously?

Wednesday, December 17
“Winter in Georgia will be difficult for many reasons in 2008. First of all the August war has damaged our social as well as financial development, affected political processes within and outside the country and people’s mood and attitude towards future prosperity. How can we feel calm and happy? No, we simply cannot.”
Amiran, pensioner, 73

“Yes, it will be harder, because of the economic crisis which occurred after the internal war. We have had too many expenses this year, and this has of course badly affected the country.”
Nino, student, 24

“No, I don't think so. I think there will be a lot of snow for the New Year’s Eve and of course lots of fancy activities will be planned in Tbilisi for Christmas, adding joy and colour to our city.”
Ina, model, 22

“I think this winter will be ordinary unless a new provocation campaign starts from the Russian side. We have lots of problems and losses but I hope we will manage to overcome all the obstacles”
Tamar, stylist, 35

“Not only the winter but the whole year has been terrible in 2008. Georgia has faced lots of problems in almost all fields of life, such as politics, economy, and culture. Our country needs serious support from international society but still it’s mainly up to our Government to develop a proper plan for development and prosperity for the next few years.”
Nikoloz, scientist, 51

“No I don’t think so, it will be the same. Each year we think that the previous one was better but this is not true.”
Sopho, manager, 26

“I’m afraid this winter will be hard for us, especially if Russia continues its attacks. We lost more than we had lost previously in August 2008 and if our Government won’t change the route and tactics we may face an even more terrible situation and remain with no gas, no electricity, no bread and no water. That’s what I can say.”
Lali, housewife, 54