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Do you think relations with Russia will warm or will it attack us again?

Thursday, December 18
“No warming, but no attack, like the Cold War!”
Natia, teacher, 34

“Well it is very difficult to make a prognosis, but it is obvious that we don’t want more attacks and bombs, we want to live in peace. We already have thousands of IDPs. The Government should arrange somehow to maintain the peace in our country.”
Guram, driver, 54

“I think if our Government continues to talk about things which are not important, the Russian Army will probably attack us. The only way to stop this is to have good relations with the Russian Government.”
Nana, teacher 44

“To my mind Russia won’t attack us, because all institutions like the EU, NATO, UN and so on, are on our side.”
Tamazi, driver 57

“In my opinion we should make friends with Russia if we want to stop the aggression. Russia is a very powerful and dangerous neighbour, we must be careful with it.”
Badri, lecturer 53

“The Georgian Government must not shout that Russia has lost the war, this very thing makes Russia very aggressive. It is like playing with fire or a wild animal.”
Gogi, layer 48

“We have shown to all world that Russia is an aggressor, everyone saw it and I don’t think that, after all the statements made by leaders of other powerful countries, Russia will attack us”
Nona, musician 43