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What will Georgia get from the new agreement with the US?

Monday, December 22
“That’s a good question; will Georgia get war or peace? Who knows?”
Levan, lecturer, 42

“That very important thing - security! That’s what we need the most.”
Ana, housewife, 54

“I don’t know exactly, because there has not been any discussion or talk about it so far, but I know that it is more than NATO and its MAP. No NATO country will interfere in our affairs if we have a war again. The August events showed that the US is more reliable friend than Europe for us.”
Nato, accountant, 25

“Who knows? I hope this is a good signal for Georgia.”
Kakha, student, 19

“More security guarantees. I think after this agreement Georgia will be more defended from aggressors.”
Keti, PR Manager, 24

“I really have no answer; no one has explained what’s going on!”
Givi, pensioner, 69

“It’s great I think! The US has done the same with Georgia it did with Ukraine. Personally I will be glad if the US deploys military bases in Georgia, then we will be secured from Russia.”
Giorgi, student, 21

“I am glad Georgia has received more secure guarantees but on the other hand I am afraid that Russia will become more aggressive about this issue and starts other provocations against Georgia.”
Nino, babysitter, 30