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How comfortable do you feel in Georgia?

Wednesday, December 24
Questions for ethnic minority representatives in Georgia

“To be honest, I feel myself quite comfortable. Maybe I have not faced oppression or anything of that kind, even during the war I did not feel any kind of oppression. But there is one area, when searching for a job, where surname matters – this is my subjective opinion.”
Oksana, Economist, 21, Russian in origin

“I personally feel comfortable. However those members of ethnic minorities who are less integrated into society and do not speak Georgian well feel themselves less comfortable, but it is their problem. There are a few people who do not consider me an equal unless they know me better. Ethnic background also matters somewhat when applying for a job.”
Vika, manager, 30, Armenian in origin

“I feel comfortable enough in Georgia, but sometimes at first glance some radical people think I am Russian, which is a little scary since the August events.”
Alena, housewife, 40, Ukrainian in origin

“I’m half Georgian and half Ossetian and I feel very good in Georgia, even after the terrible August events.”
Tamuna, cashier, Ossetian in origin

“I feel perfectly good here, I do my job and do not feel any kind of oppression”.
Vasiko, IT specialist, 25, Armenian in origin

“I feel fine, most Azeris who know Georgian well are well integrated into Georgian society and also feel fine.”
Geidar, supervisor, 34, Azeri in origin

“I feel good here, I have colleagues of different ethnic backgrounds and we live as one family.”
Akilan, taxi driver, 46, Kurdish in origin