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Turkish analyst comments on Baku-Ankara treaty

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, December 25
Turkish political analyst Arif Ceskin considers it possible that Azerbaijan and Turkey could conclude an agreement on military issues which would prove that Turkey is always supportive of Azerbaijan. He thinks that by signing such a treaty Ankara will send a message to Russia and Iran which will be a warning to Armenia over Karabakh.

By signing the treaty Turkey will address several important issues. It will take on the responsibility of protecting energy transit pipelines on Azeri territory and prove to the world that it is key player in the region. On this basis Ankara and Baku will be able to conduct bilateral relations.

As for possible Russian reaction to such a treaty Ceskin thinks that Moscow has never considered anyone’s opinion when signing any agreements with anybody. He maintains that Moscow’s position on the Karabakh issue could become rather tough in the case of such an agreement, but it has not been constructive until now as it is.