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Compiled by Sopo Datishvili
Thursday, December 25
USA-Georgia strategic document is kept secret

Rezonansi reports that the USA, having signed a strategic cooperation charter with Ukraine, will sign a corresponding document with Georgia. However, in Parliament no one knows anything about this. The opposition thinks that the document will be very important for Georgia and the Government will have to start briefing Parliament on it as soon as possible.

The US Administration has already declared it will sign the same document with Georgia as it did with Ukraine. Yet no one will talk about exactly what this document will be, what areas of possible assistance it will cover and when work will be started on it. It is difficult to believe that the contents of the agreement aren’t interesting for the Government, so it seems that they are keeping them secret on purpose.

Nobody wants to talk about the content of the document at present. The leader of the Parliamentary minority, Giorgi Targamadze, says that the document will have great importance for the country. Relying on information from the Foreign Ministry, Targamadze underlined several important issues.

“According to the information from the Ministry of Foreign affairs the document is mainly about economic relations, energy security and maintaining our independence. Cultural cooperation, support for democracy and joint security actions are also mentioned,” said Targamadze. He also thinks that this agreement will be documentary confirmation of US-Georgian partnership.

As for the reaction of Russia, Targamadze says that this document will regulate relations with Russia, but these will depend on appropriate politics being conducted of Georgia. The document signed with Ukraine, says that the USA will help that country and it could soon be close to NATO membership requirement standards.

New civil defence initiative

Alia reports that MP Davit Lortkipanidze has suggested a new initiative to improve the civil defence structure. The Chair of the Temporary Parliamentary Commission which investigated the August war, Paata Davitaia, concurs with his view.

“I think the August events made everyone certain of the necessity of strengthening civil defence. A special structure should be created for this, which will depend directly on the President. Establishing such a structure is also mentioned in the Geneva International Conception”, said Lortkipanidze.

“Guarantees of civil security are necessary and inevitable,” added Paata Davitaia.

A group of politicians suggest establishing people’s gathering

Akhali Taoba reports that a number of opposition parties have decided to create a People’s Convention. The initiative group which will establish the Convention urges citizens to get involved in organizing it.

The leader of initiative group, Konstantine Gamsakhurdia, said at a briefing that the country is on the edge of extinction and society should take the initiative of prevent this.