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Compiled By Ernest Petrosyan
Wednesday, December 31
Burjanadze has the best chance

If snap Presidential elections are called Nino Burjanadze has the best chance of winning, says political analyst Soso Tsintsadze, as Sakartvelos Respublika reports. The analyst says that Irakli Alasania is also very popular, although Burjanadze’s advantage is in having an established electorate and party structure. He considers that a joint ticket of the two politicians would be the most attractive option to present, and an additional guarantee of their success.

It is thought unlikely that Saakashvili will call snap Presidential elections, but if he decides to do this a Burjanadze-Alasania joint ticket would be a likely option.To implement this arrangement however constitutional changes would be needed, which would evenly divide authority between the two leaders. But if the two do not stand on a joint platform the electoral advantage will lie with Burjanadze, because she has already stated her position and has developed a party structure. Alasania has only expectations behind him at present, says Soso Tsintsadze.

The analyst states that Gigi Ugulava was once considered a possible National Movement candidature for snap Presidential elections, but it is difficult to imagine that the capital city’s Governor, who could not settle the stray dogs problem, will resolve all the country’s serious problems.

Authorities confess their mistakes

MP Gia Tsagareishvili considers the proposed agreement on the funding of political parties a confession of mistakes, writes Sakartvelos Respublika. Tsagareishvili told journalists that it is important that the Government has confessed its mistakes and that political parties’ funding will be restored.

The opposition MP says that although the funding of the National Movement will be reduced under the proposals, the reduction is only about 120 thousand GEL, an amount not worthy of consideration.

Bank of Georgia slims down for New Year

Bank of Georgia has released 830 employees, its Chairman Nika Enukidze has stated at a press conference, Akhali Taoba reports.

Enukidze said that the reorganization had taken place last Friday, the existing economic realities having reduced the demand on bank products. As part of the reorganization instant credit and foreign currency sales were abolished and a restructuring of consumer credit implemented, with credit to small to medium-sized businesses optimized.

According to Nika Enukidze, the dismissed staff are well qualified and in the event of future vacancies their applications will be given priority. Further dismissal of staff is not planned in the foreseeable future but no one knows what will happen and accordingly everything depends on future events.

Parliament Chairman Davit Bakradze has stated that the government will not interfere in the mass dismissals from commercial banks.

Greeting New Year without blackout

Energy will be supplied during the New Year period without hindrance, Sakartvelos Respublika writes. Energo Pro Georgia maintains that despite the incremental increase in electricity usage during this period the company will provide an unbroken supply.

The company says that the consumption of electricity in the regions is usually 7 million Kw/H per day, but on New Year’s Eve it will be about 9 million Kw/H. “EnergoPro Georgia outlets will work around the clock, and if there is any crash they will locate the damage and restore the electricity supply to subscribers” says the company.