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What is your greatest wish for the New Year?

Wednesday, December 31
I want a new mobile phone, because I dont like my old one. My father promised to buy it for me for the New Year.
Gigi, schoolboy, 12

A new job with a better salary.
Levan, musician, 27

I wish to find someone with whom I would fall in love.
Tarash, student, 22

I want my country to become prosperous. There have been lots of problems in 2008 which should be settled. But now I wish all a happy New Year.
Lali, Doctor, 45

I wish for peace in my country, I wish for all my friends and relatives around me to be happy, I wish happiness and wealth for myself.
Lasha, lecturer, 41

I wish for 2009 to be nice and happy. And I would also like to get a funny Winnie the Pooh from Santa.
Mari, schoolgirl, 10

You mean wishes? Whats the use of having wishes? Do you think they might come true?
Giorgi, footballer, 24

I have had just one particular wish, for quite a long time, it is called a car. I have dreamed about having a Land Rover since my childhood.
Nino, student, 21

I have just split with my boyfriend and I miss him so much. So I wish we were still together in 2009.
Ani, dancer, 25

I wish more optimism to the Georgian nation. Thats exactly what I wish this year.
Vakhtang, pensioner, 69

I want for New Year a Ford Mustang convertible in a big pink box. I wonder if Santa can bring it to me on New Years Eve?
Sopo, student, 19

I wish for New Year, peace and stability. In 2008 we were convinced that these arent only words and that they have great importance for each of us.
Vakhtangi, pensioner, 67

I wish to continue my education either in the USA or Canada and maybe have some luck and fortune.
Ernest, economist, 21

I want my country to be united as never before. I want my people to never feel hunger or depression. I want them to live in happy families, with everyone in their own home. I wish you all the best!
Maiko, housewife, 44