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Winter tourism prospects

By Messenger Staff
Monday, January 5
Tourism is Georgia’s most prospective industry, the country has good potential to develop it. In 2008 Georgia was expecting 1.3 million tourists but the Russian aggression frustrated our plans. Now the world financial crisis is creating extra pressure, but the Georgian tourist industry is trying to overcome the obstacles.

Experts predict that the 2009 winter season will be successful for the industry. Gudauri and Bakuriani are two winter resorts popular with both locals and foreigners. The latter prefer Gudauri but Bakuriani is more popular with domestic tourists all year round.

In 2007 Bakuriani hosted 40,000 tourists in winter alone, Gudauri 22,000. According to 2009 prognoses both resorts will attract 40% more tourists. Therefore the tourist industry is optimistic, despite of different obstacles placed in its way.