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Monday, January 5
Georgian IDPs from Gori bombed in Israel

Georgian IDPs who fled to Israel from Georgia during the Russian intervention have again suffered bombing. During the Russia-Georgia war part of the population evacuated from the conflict zone was settled in southern Israel, which is continuously being bombed by Hamas terrorists. Two IDPs families from the Gori district were settled in Ashdod, which Palestinians shot missiles at several days ago, injuring seventeen persons. The IDPs from Gori say they feel shocked at witnessing the same things again four months after their repatriation.
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Three families displaced by fire in Tbilisi

Three families have been badly affected by a fire on 27 Nishnianidze Street, Tbilisi.

The fire broke out in the so-called Italian Yard at dawn. An electrical fault is presumed to have caused the fire. Six fire brigades fought the blaze, but the apartment block was completely burnt down.

The local municipality will help the dispossessed families, who will be rehoused in hired apartments today. Experts will assess the damage and identify the exact reason of the fire.
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Head of Georgian Supreme Court expects system to become more independent

The Chair of the Georgian Supreme Court has summed up its work in 2008.

Konstantine Kublashvili said that the court`s relations with the community have become more intensive in 2008. The Chair will continue reforming the Supreme Court in 2009 as well, and thinks the court system will become more independent from 2009. “The court reforms are proceeding correctly. The steps taken by the court have been justified. When the community has full information about the court, it always makes objective assessments”, Kublashvili said.
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November 7 youth movement promises to take radical action

The November 7 youth opposition movement is promising to start taking “radical action” against the Georgian authorities in the New Year. This was stated by its member Jaba Jishkariani at a briefing on Tuesday. The movement unites representatives of opposition parties and human rights defending NGO Institute of Rights Equality.

Jishkariani stated that lawlessness existed in the country and pressure and violence was being exerted against dissidents. Furthermore, the authorities were trying to conceal some aspects of the events in August. “In the new year the movement will have a new character, more tough. We will transfer to radical actions,” Jishkariani said.

However he excluded the use of force by the movement. “We do not adhere to violence” he said, calling on all opposition organizations to unite with the aim of achieving the holding of snap Presidential elections.
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