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What is your opinion of the stopping of the gas supply to Ukraine?

Monday, January 5
“Well, Russia has given some reasons why it stopped the gas supply to Ukraine but I am sure no one believes these arguments, it’s a political decision, nothing else.”
Davit, lecturer, 36

“Russia plays a very terrible game throughout the world because lots of countries have accepted its ugly policy. Thus Russia wants to prove its power to the whole world and starts aggression against smaller countries like Georgia and Ukraine.”
Irakli, economist, 32

“I think Russia loses more through this step than Ukraine because the latter will probably have its own oil resources to draw on. Russia also provides other countries with oil through Ukraine and will have to make some concessions one day.”
Levan, architect, 55

“In my opinion Russia has faced a crisis in international relations, which means that the country has been left with no one to cooperate with and is now trying to reestablish its power with unfamiliar methods.”
Lamara, pensioner, 68

“Oh I must say I hate politics, especially issues connected with Russia because it is a very cruel and evil country, and I don’t wonder it has such bad relations with almost the whole outside world.”
Tako, schoolgirl, 14

“The first thing is cutting off natural gas, the second is Russia introducing some other sanctions. Consequently Ukraine may share Georgia’s fate”.
Ernest, economist, 21

“I hope Georgia will not be next after Ukraine. I don’t believe in all the reasons Russia is presenting to justify its decision to cut gas to Ukraine. Russia has just decided to punish Ukraine.”
Tamila, unemployed, 42

“Russia is showing its power to the world. I think suspending gas to Ukraine is intended as a deliberate threat to all other countries dependent on Russian gas.”
Gizo, lecturer, 61