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Will small entrepreneurship save the country?

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, January 6
Different approaches and models are suggested by economists to rescue the country from the crisis it is getting into.

One of the ideas is that the quickest way to save the country is to support the development of small entrepreneurs and their businesses. As the Georgian Employers Association informs there are around 85,000 small entrepreneurs registered in Georgia. Each of these businessmen employs around seven personnel if they are in Tbilisi and four in the regions. Of the registered 85,000 only 35,000 businesses pay their taxes because the remainder either stop functioning or move into the shadow economy.

Entrepreneurs complain that they pay around 40% of their income as taxes which is too high a figure to enable them to survive. The middle class, the backbone of the country’s welfare, thinks it is high time the authorities supported them and saved the country.