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What do you think about the constant changes of prices in Georgia?

Tuesday, January 6
“Well of course I have a very negative attitude towards this issue. Prices rise simultaneously with the rate of unemployment which is of course embarrassing.”
Nata, doctor, 33

“This factor is caused by the economic crisis and has negative consequences for the people of course.”
Givi, schoolboy, 16

“The economic situation is very poor in Georgia, and this is reflected in the market price of almost every product. Some way out of this awful situation should be found.”
Sandro, engineer, 70

“What can I say? Or does it matter what I think about this matter? If the prices rise what can I do? Just obey them.”
Ana, housewife, 47

“I can say nothing about this issue. I’m too busy generally, thus I am incompetent in price questions.”
Giorgi, computer specialist, 22

“Changes are sometimes good and sometimes bad in general, but in this case constant rises in prices on almost all products are embarrassing as the rate of employment is too low in Georgia.”
Demetre, scientist, 51

“Georgia faces a serious economic crisis which affects everything around. Suppliers think they can resolve their financial situation by raising the price of their products and individuals add their private percentage to all the goods, making them twice and thrice more expensive.”
Laura, economist, 64

“I am still young to make conclusions, especially in the spheres of economy or politics, but still I suppose all these changes of prices cause disappointment in people who have no financial support and depend either on a salary or pension.”
Tata, schoolgirl, 17

“This has already become a fashion - they change prices as if it is a game. No one cares about poor people who try to earn their living by different methods. But what about those who stand in the cold and sell things for everyday cash - someone should think of them too.”
Tamuna, teacher, 29

“Prices change so rapidly that one can’t even catch up with all the changes. The only thing I can say is that we are in an awful economic situation and it’s high time we found a clever solution to this problem.”
Mamuka, office manager, 45