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How dangerous do you think traffic in Tbilisi is?

Monday, January 12
“Mainly women create problems in the streets of Tbilisi. I have seen many accidents here involving women drivers. I think they should practice more before they sit at the steering wheel.”
Levan, Student, 20

“Sometimes I am amazed that nobody obeys the traffic signs here. Not only drivers but also pedestrians. I think not only drivers are responsible for the accidents that happen but also people who cross the street ignoring the traffic lights.”
Tatia, dentist, 27

“The traffic in Tbilisi is very dangerous. There are special rules for traffic in the capital which even pedestrians have to know in order to survive when crossing the streets. You have to be very assertive and self-confident to survive because drivers don't pay any attention to driving rules in places where there is no patrol or video camera. In Tbilisi’s neighbourhoods there are plenty of places like this.”
Olesya, journalist, 22

“I don’t think it is very dangerous to drive in Tbilisi if you are careful enough. The only thing that gets on my nerves is traffic jams in the rush hour, especially at 6 in the evening.”
Fridon, accountant, 23

“The traffic is crazy in the city; I think the biggest problem is the parked cars. They are parked everywhere possible, and even where it seems impossible. That’s why the roads are overloaded and accidents happen so frequently.”
Nodar, bartender, 31

“There are too many cars in Tbilisi, everyone has one, but often people, especially youngsters, buy the car even before they learn to drive well. As far as I know the majority of accidents happen with inexperienced young drivers.”
Ketino, nurse, 58

“Of course it’s dangerous, but I don’t think it is more dangerous than in the rest of the post-Soviet countries. We are already used to it, that’s why even when crossing a road which only has traffic moving on one side I watch both sides, always expecting a crazy driver.”
Diana, teacher, 47

“Minibuses create the problems on the streets, they always drive too fast and often the technical condition of the vehicles is far from good.”
Ilia, taxi driver, 37