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Tuesday, January 13
Actions of Russian occupiers violate agreements: Malkhaz Akishbaia

The Chairman of the Government of the Abkhazian Autonomous Republic, Malkhaz Akishbaia, has described the actions of Russian occupiers in the Gali and Ochamchire regions as violations of the 12 August agreement and its commitments undertaken therein.

Akishbaia states that representatives of separatist groups cannot influence the situation in the region. “Members of the Russian Army force the peaceful Georgian population to leave their homes. The same is happening to the Abkhazian population in Ochamchire region, causing protest,” Akishbaia states.

Akishbaia declares that the Russian side has not provided its troops with food for 20 days and the local population has to supply them. He adds that the intentional cleansing of the population is a violation of civilized norms, which Russia tries to cover up by not allowing international organizations or EU mission observers into the area.

“The consolidation of international society is necessary to impose pressure on Russia and observers must be given the possibility of fulfilling their obligations’, the Chairman of legal Abkhazian Government stated.
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Georgia-Russian Commission session due in February

A session of the Georgia-Russian Commission set up to alleviate conflict in the Caucasus is expected to be held in February.

The Commission members will discuss issues related to the prospect of reestablishing air links and visa regimes between Georgia and Russia. The meeting will also address humanitarian and IDP issues.
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Faulty water heater kills spouses

A faulty gas water heater has killed an elderly married couple on Saburtalo Street, Tbilisi. Accidental poisoning caused the death of the 71 and 73 year-old husband and wife, who relatives found suffocated this morning.

The same water heater had had problems earlier, but on that occasion neighbours managed to assist the old man in time.
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Labour Party calculates holiday expenditure of President, ex-Minister

Members of the Labour Party are accusing senior politicians of misappropriating state funds, this time by trying to count the money they have spent on their winter holidays.

Labour members told a news conference today that the President`s family spent the winter holidays at the Hotel Albion in Miami Beach, Florida, US, asserting they paid $15,500 for this. They have also commented on the expenditure of former Defence Minister Davit Kezerashvili. They say the ex-Minister is in Las Vegas staying at the hotel Planet Hollywood and has paid $18,000 for this holiday.

Party representative Soso Shatberashvili says they may provide documents proving these allegations.
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Avalanche inundates Oni-Shovi highway

An avalanche has inundated the Oni-Shovi highway. A total of 10 villages in the Oni district have been cut off from the main town. The avalanche has inundated the Lentekhi-Chololuri-Nackheti road.

Road clearing operations are already underway at the avalanche site. Heavy equipment is being mobilized in all districts of Imereti and Energo Pro Georgia technicians have been mobilized to rehabilitate damaged electricity lines.
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