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In which currency would you prefer to have your savings and why?

Friday, January 16
I know for sure that the USD is not a reliable currency so I wouldn't prefer the dollar. As for the euro, this may be the currency I would prefer, though sometimes this moves strongly too. Anyway I would prefer the GEL.
Ana, musician, 28

I dont know, maybe in Euros.
Mariam, nurse, 32

I dont have enough income to save; from month to month Im waiting for my wage and I spend it all during the month.
Tamar, teacher, 46

Well, the GEL is stable today so Im not afraid to keep my savings in the Georgian currency.
Nika, student, 22

Of course the USD is the most reliable currency in the world. Although it changes its rate very quickly, I think it is a more flexible currency for savings.
Kakha, lawyer, 23

I think the Euro is the best currency for savings. It is easily changeable and the rate is always high.
Sandro, student, 20

I dont know, perhaps the GEL. But most people around me save their money in USD.
Tika, musician 24

If I had so much money that I could save it, I would save it in all kinds of currencies.
Nata, student, 18

The US dollar is the most trustworthy currency, I think.
Guram, driver, 41

I receive my salary in Euros and I only change them when I need to, so most of my saving are in Euros.
Irakli, economist, 33