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What kind of results will suspending the OSCE mandate in Georgia bring?

Thursday, January 22
“Well I think it will bring us some negative consequences. We are in a difficult situation within and outside the country and any kind of international support is vital for us.”
Lali, doctor, 45

“I must confess I’m not entirely clear about the exact situation created after August war but it is clear to everyone how difficult it is to deal with all the problems generated in the country so I think we are in need of any support we can get, including the OSCE mission.”
Nodar, economist, 31

“Suspending the OSCE mission will affect our country in all fields: politics, economics, etc. We need others’ support!”
Kote, student, 19

“I can’t hide my pleasure at the suspension of the OSCE mission in Georgia. I suggest we have enough resources to get on with our lives ourselves. So I must say I like this.”
Lasha, sociologist, 25

“Suspending the OSCE mission means leaving Georgia alone on the battlefield. It shouldn’t have happened, especially after the August war when Georgia faced Russia tete-a-tete. But still I think we can overcome all our difficulties ourselves.”
Natia, musician, 36

“Suspending the OSCE mission in Georgia means Russia will have more freedom to do whatever it wants on the Georgian breakaway territories. This is my opinion. I think it will only bring negative results for us.”
Inga, lawyer, 51

“Russia has power, and it is using this power for its own good. Obviously it is bad for us to have fewer observers in Georgia. It is bad for the people who live in the conflict regions as well as the surrounding areas.”
Temuri, guard, 40

“I do not know how effectively the OSCE was working in Georgia, so I cannot tell you how good or bad its suspension will be for the country. But I can tell you, it is bad that Russia is trying to influence the internal and foreign policy of Georgia.”
Irakli, bank employee, 33

“It is hard to predict now what the suspension of the OSCE mission will bring. Actually I think most probably the result will be negative. I do not know why it should be positive in any respect.”
Maka, PR specialist, 24