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How do you assess President Saakashvili’s live interview on Friday?

Monday, January 26
“Oh my God! I doubt anyone was impressed by his speech. It lasted about 4 hours and nothing was said which was new and hopeful for us.”
Lamara, pensioner, 68

“I listened to our President from the very beginning to the end but I must confess it was beneath my dignity to actually do so, because he always does only half of what he says and what’s more I wonder whether he believes in his nonsense himself.”
Davit, engineer, 61

“He is a very good orator, everyone should agree with me on this. Some politicians who strike for the Presidency or high position cannot say even a sentence in a normal manner.”
Irakli, student, 23

“I can’t say it was an interview, was it? I was stupefied by his fairytales about our happy and satisfied life. Why people still believe his promises I can’t guess. But perhaps he’s the only way out of the situation - who knows who comes next?”
Nia, writer, 27

“I had been living out of country for several years. Georgia was still a country of hopes when I left but now all those dreams have vanished, which is so embarrassing. Words are not enough-people should feel safe within a democratic country.”
Mariam, student, 25

“Well, at first sight all the questions were answered but what will be done, that is the question?”
Anano, hairdresser, 34

“Mikheil Saakashvili always speaks the truth about the situation created in our country. I trust his and I’m sure he knows what he does and what he says. He will promote our country without any international support and his opponents will become ashamed of their past deeds.”
Murman, pensioner, 73

“It was a very sincere speech because he talked very sincerely about each problem and I didn't see any difference between him and an ordinary citizen.”
Zura, musician, 26