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How reliable are the reports of such international organizations as Human Rights Watch, Freedom House, and Amnesty International and so on?

Wednesday, January 28
“Well, their reports are quite reliable because they describe current events quite objectively. I don’t have any reason not to trust them.”
Soso, student, 22

“I trust them 99%, I have read their reports several times and I have not seen anything biased in them, they were very objective.”
Nanuka, teacher, 32

“Sometimes the reports are reliable, sometimes not quite - it depends on which country funds them.”
Nika, economist, 38

“I think their reports are quite reliable as these organizations have great experience and are impartial, though their reports aren’t always followed by improvement.”
Lasha, programmer, 28

“Their reports have become more critical towards Georgia lately. I don’t know whether they are reliable or not, but they used to be more loyal.”
Salome, student, 20

“Such organizations always say everything dictated to them by the US Government, I think.”
Nodari, pensioner, 71

“I think they should be more critical of the Georgian Government. They shouldn’t close their eyes to such violations of human rights as are happening in Georgia now”.
Vano, physician, 53

“My opinion is not so important, more important is that the Georgian Government doesn’t seem to care about these reports.”
Lasha, writer, 46

“Most of them are quite trustworthy, especially those who act independently, not fulfilling the agenda of Government bodies”
Ketevan, journalist, 29