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How effectively is EUMM performing its duty in the conflict zones?

Thursday, January 29
“Well, on the one hand it is very good that the EU supports us and has sent its mission to Georgia in order to monitor the conflict zones, but personally I have not noticed anything positivecoming out of those territories. The monitors are not allowed to enter the separatist-controlled regions so the mission is not very effective, I think.”
Neli, lecturer, 48

“I don’t see any effectiveness there, what are they doing? They just walk around and prepare some reports about Georgia and its conflict zones.”
Marika, student, 20

“I welcome the EUMM being here in Georgia. They will describe everything and see with their own eyes what is happening on our territories. It’s completely unfair what Russia and the separatists are doing, Europe should understand this and take some strict measures against them.”
Davit, driver, 32

“The EUMM and the OSCE are totally ineffective. They can do nothing it is necessary to do. They cannot enter Abkhazia or Tskhinvali, so what are they doing? Staying in Gori or Zugdidi and making observations there? Why do we want their monitoring in the territories where we live and know better what’s going on?!”
Meri, housewife, 52

“They will just replace the OSCE mission and do nothing but ineffectively monitor the violations from the Russian side”.
Gogi, engineer, 50

“The function and ineffectiveness of EUMM will be the same as with the UNOMIG and OSCE missions, but it’s better to have one monitoring mission instead of two”.
Madonna , attorney, 38

“I think their activity is quite important for conflict resolution. It helps define the real situation there.”
Gvantsa, student, 18

“In my opinion they are not really successful, they are not able to protect the local population from aggression from the separatist side.”
Tsira, pharmacist , 37