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The Society of Erekle the Second

By Messenger Staff
Monday, February 2
The official launch of the Society of Erekle the Second was held last Friday. This was founded in December 2008 with the principle purpose of restoring good neighbourly relations with Russia.

The idea of establishing such a body emerged before the Russian aggression in August but due to the war implementation of it was delayed. The founders of the society are people who believe that the development of Georgian statehood cannot be achieved without taking into account the northern dimension.

The objectives of the society are the bilateral promotion of culture and art between Georgia and Russia, the development of Georgian-Russian dialogue and facilitating the establishment of political dialogue between the two countries. Different activities are planned which are intended to attract people to the society.

The organisationís title is a reference to the fact that at the end of the 18th century Georgian King Erekle the Second sought the protection of the Russian Empire, which ,according to founders of the Society, had rescued Georgia from the disastrous situation it was in previously.