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What is your opinion on the change of Prime Minister?

Monday, February 2
“Well, it is not so important an issue that we have to have debates and discuss it. What is important is their active work and their ability to do their best in order to overcome the financial crisis.”
Levan, economist, 42

“It is not a positive thing certainly, because such frequent changes have an influence on Georgian politics. That’s why I suggest that the President appoints Ministers who are healthy and can stand up to such hard work. Personally I really liked Gega Mgaloblishvili, I wish him good health.”
Tamar, pensioner, 63

“Did the PM change? I did not know. I am very far from politics. If they want, let them change, what’s wrong?!”
Marika, student, 20

“I condemn such perpetual changes; I don’t believe that Mgaloblishvili is really ill. Maybe Saakashvili and him have had some confrontation and this is the real reason for his resignation. On the other hand he was a weak PM, and we need a more energetic and active person in this post.”
Givi, lecturer, 52

“I like Gilauri, he is a very talented person and does his duty perfectly. I hope he will be a better PM than Mgaloblishvili. I like Gega but he was not suitable for this post. I wish him success.”
Meri, student, 22

“I don’t think that much will change in the country with the new Prime Minister.”
Keti, waitress, 27

“Mgaloblishvili didn’t have the time to do anything, and even if he had had time he would still have been useless, because all power is concentrated in Saakashvili’s hands. That’s why it’s all the same for me whoever is PM”
Omari, IT specialist, 30

“There has not been a single PM in Georgia that really did anything except Zurab Zhvania, so Gilauri or Mgaloblishvili, it’s all the same.”
Revaz, student, 20