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Some details of Georgian trade turnover

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, February 3
The biggest trade partner of Georgia is Turkey; trade turnover with this country in 2008 being worth over USD 1.2 billion. Georgia’s second and third largest trade partners are Azerbaijan (USD 813 million) and Ukraine, with which Georgia has a trade turnover of USD 792 million.

Georgian trade turnover with EU countries increased by almost 11% in 2008 and is now worth more than USD 2 billion. Of this amount export is worth USD 335 million and import USD 1.65 billion. Trade turnover with CIS countries was worth over USD 2.5 billion last year, but trade with Russia further decreased in 2008.

Georgia generally has a negative trade balance with its various partners, but among the countries with which it has a positive balance are Canada, Armenia, Mexico, Iraq, Tajikistan and Albania.