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What do you think about the new payment system in buses?

Tuesday, February 3
To my mind it is a bit hard to pay by the new system, and it will be especially unclear for old people. Pensioners mostly use buses nowadays and we will to do a lot of work to make them understand how to use this system.
Eteri, teacher, 48

In my opinion it is very good that bus travel will become cheaper. Maybe in the beginning it will be hard to understand and to remember to use the system, but over time we will get used to it.
Nino, economist, 34

I think that in the beginning we will find it a bit difficult to use this new payment system. But if this system is very helpful and used in many other countries with great success, we must also try to use it.
Gogi, serviceman, 54

I dont like it. Maybe I sometimes wont have change, only GEL 1 or 2, what should I do? I cannot pay with it.
Marika, teacher, 36

I welcome it, in every foreign country there is such system and I like it.
Goga, accountant, 38

Ok, well, I think it's probably good, but the Government needs to inform citizens better, so they don't get confused with all these little boxes and so on.
Mari, student, 18

It's a better way, because the drivers won't have to give change back. I like it.
Sandro, sportsman, 25

It is not good enough but in some way its better than waiting for change. I travelled by bus today and I think the system is a little bit silly
Irakli, journalist, 22