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Students show people how to pay their fares

By Salome Modebadze
Tuesday, February 3
A new employment project for Tbilisi students began on February 2. 600 students have begun15-day stints as bus conductors throughout the capital. Their job is to inform passengers about the new pay boxes on public transport and give them a hand using them until they get used to the new system. Each student will be paid GEL 200 for doing this.

“The pay box system is very simple indeed. You just buy a ticket for multiple journeys at any metro station, which costs GEL 2. Then the box takes individual fares off as you go and you enjoy your journey home,” the Bus Department has informed The Messenger. “In a given day only the first journey will cost the standard 40 tetri. The second will be thirty and the third and subsequent journeys twenty tetri, if you make them on the same day,” a Department representative explained.

The change in the payment system has aroused some controversy. Some people find the boxes convenient and easy to use the boxes but others, especially the elderly, have a different view. “Our Government is making things more complicated for people instead of simplifying their lives. This box need small changes. What if I don’t have any?” said a worried old lady, traveling under the system for the first time. But the drivers are quite satisfied that they no longer have to collect money. “We have been strictly warned not to touch any change or else we will be fined,” the driver of bus 32 explained.

Gigi Ugulava the Mayor of Tbilisi, met the students and wished them all luck. He emphasized the importance of the new system and stated that the Municipality will continue collaborating with students and devise many more interesting employment projects for them.