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What should be improved in the Georgian Army?

Wednesday, February 4
“The Army needs better high ranking officers. During the war the commanders failed to fulfill their duties. Many of the soldiers say that there was complete chaos and anarchy on the front line.”
Shalva, translator, 32

“I think the Army needs to change the reserve system. Two week training for students can’t make professional soldiers out of them.”
Mamuka, teacher, 46

“We need a better air defence system. Russian planes did what they wanted in August, being able to bomb any object on Georgian territory. This shouldn’t happen again.”
Irakli, student, 22

“The reserves should be disbanded. There was no reason to send 18 year boys, who hardly even knew how to hold a rifle, to the battle zone, as they did in South Ossetia. This was a crime. Only professional soldiers who are well trained should serve in the forces.”
Tamara, housewife, 55

“The military command, like the President should resign and be prosecuted for all the crimes they committed in August, sending our boys to certain death for nothing.”
Levan, retired, 67

“First of all we need some modern jets. The August war convinced us of this. How can we talk about strong defence while we lack them?”
Meri, pensioner, 72

“I think we have quite a strong Army, and although we lost this war even the Russians couldn’t deny that Georgians were well-equipped and better organized.”
Dali, accountant, 45

“I think every army needs to prepares for possible war. The Georgian Army should always be ready for attack as we have a neighbour as an enemy. The loss after the war was quite big. I think first of all our Government should care about returning to the previous position. We shouldn’t give up.”
Anastasia, psychologist, 23