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The structure of Georgian exports

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, February 5
Georgia exports a variety of different products. 70% of its export is of ferroalloys, and the next most common export items are scrap metal, fertilizer, cement, wine, mineral water and nuts.

Independent experts think that official figures do not reflect the true export situation. But even these official figures state that the negative trade balance (import minus export) has reached the record level of USD 4.79 billion.

According to statistical data Georgia’s biggest export partner is Turkey. Last year Georgia sold Turkey products worth of USD 263 million. Next comes Azerbaijan with USD 205 million, then Ukraine (USD 134 million), Canada (USD 131 million), Armenia (USD 124 million), Bulgaria (USD 108 million), USA (USD 102 million), Mexico (USD 53 million), Great Britain (USD 44 million) and France (USD 40 million).

Georgian economic experts predict that against the background of the recent crisis Georgian exports will further decrease, in particular those of industrial goods, metallurgy, chemicals etc.