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Tourism should be cheaper

By Messenger Staff
Friday, February 6
Minister for Economic Development Lasha Zhvania has stated that the cost of staying in hotels is higher in Georgia than in neighbouring countries. He added that tourism in Georgia is expensive overall compared to neighbouring countries, something which hinders the development of the country as it restricts the number of tourists attracted to it.

Prices in Georgia are ridiculous even when compared with world famous resorts. For instance a room in a two or three star hotel in Miami costs between USD 69-80, but in Georgia it is about USD 120.

Tourism issues were on the agenda before the August Russian aggression and the world economic crisis. President Saakashvili commented at that time that it was very expensive to stay in Adjara during the peak season, therefore many people preferred to go to other countries, presumably Turkey. Even Georgian holidaymakers prefer to go to Turkey because the level of service there is higher than in Georgia.

Certainly the Russian aggression caused great damage to the tourist industry. As Minister Zhvania states there was an 80% decrease in tourist numbers after this. The country needs to make very serious efforts to recover its image worldwide and prove to potential holidaymakers that it is safe to travel in the country.

After the failure of the summer tourist season the authorities pinned their hopes on winter holidaymakers but preliminary estimations show that the number of winter tourists from abroad has also dramatically decreased, by up to 90%.