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Friday, February 6
Abkhazian Eparchate asks to join Russian Orthodox Church

The Abkhazian Eparchate is seeking union with the Russian Church, reports.

Abkhazian Orthodox Christians expect the new Russian Patriarch will draw the Abkhazian and Russian Churches closer. “We hope that the canonical status of the Abkhazian Church will be determined in the nearest future,” their address to Kyril II says. The Abkhazian Church expects not only humanitarian aid but independence from the Georgian Orthodox Church.

The Russian Patriarchate officially stated after electing Kyril as Patriarch that it does not intend to discuss annexing the Abkhazian Eparchate. (Interpressnews)

Georgian businessman murdered in Moscow

Vesti reports that a Georgian businessman has been murdered on Leningrad Avenue in Moscow. The assassinated Georgian was involved in trading oil products. He was murdered to order at about 01:00 whilst walking his dog.

Vesti reports that those attending the scene were not able to do their necessary work because the dog would not let policemen approach the corpse. The investigators had to wait until a dog handler calmed the animal. (Interpressnews)

Telasi ends its relationship with People’s Bank

Telasi has closed its account with People’s Bank. InterpressNews was informed by Telasi that subscribers with debts to the company had expressed their dissatisfaction at having their electricity cut off despite paying their bills. “The cut offs occurred because the payments appeared in the company’s accounts only some while later,” Telasi states.

Telasi will now ask its subscribers to pay through the following banks: VTB, Korsstandart, TBC, BTA, Bank Republic and Bank of Georgia. Telasi Head of Public Relations Valeri Pantsulaia states that money paid by subscribers will now appear in their accounts without delay. “Receipts received by subscribers will contain this information,” Pantsulaia states. (Interpressnews)

Finnish-Swedish Holding buys Geocell

The Finnish-Swedish holding Teliasonera has acquired 100% of the shares of Geocell, InterpressNews has been informed by the company.

Teliasonera started negotiations with local partners of Geocell about purchasing shares in 2007 and purchased 14.8% at the beginning of 2008. It subsequently conducted negotiations with the Georgian Government about purchasing its 2.5% stake, which was agreed on January 30. The takeover was worth 7 million USD. (Interpressnews)

Teenager wounds his schoolmate

A sixteen year-old boy has been injured by a classmate in the Third Public School of the village of Tsnori. Goderdzi Jankarashvili has been hospitalized with numerous injuries on his body.

The boy was bleeding when taken to hospital. He has injuries to his chest, stomach and back. The boy is being operated on.

The drunken boys were returning home late at night after a feast at their friend’s house. The reason for their scuffle is not known. Valeri Nikvashvili, 18, suspected of wounding his schoolmate, has already been detained. (Rustavi 2)