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Compiled by Sopo Datishvili
Friday, February 6
Russian participation in NABUCCO project will be nominal

24 Saati reports that Niko Orvelashvili regards the suggestion that Russia could participate in NABUCCO as a sign of a “constructive” attitude, but thinks its possible involvement into the project will be nominal.

The European Parliament has suggested Russia’s participation in the NABUCCO project in a report which will soon be voted on. The experts doubt the readiness of Caspian countries to provide NABUCCO with gas and think that the Russian Northern Stream project should be discussed as an alternative.

According to the European media the European Commission is against Russia’s participation in the NABUCCO project and thinks it will prevent the EU from strengthening its energy independence from Russia. For its part EU members Germany, Italy and France don’t think that NABUCCO will ever happen.

The NABUCCO project is a continuation of the Baku-Tbilisi-Erzerum gas pipeline and will transport Azerbaijani and Central Asian gas via Turkey and Georgia. The European Union has already set aside EUR 250 million for its construction.

Georgia Railway will not cut staff

Rezonansi reports that it is not planned the cut the stuff of Georgian Railway. Reports about possible cutbacks were made recently but the Public Relations Department of Georgian Railway says none of the staff will be dismissed. Georgian Railway employees have perpetual contracts which provide a strong guarantee that they will retain their jobs.

Georgian Railway explains that by narrowing down income tax by 5% salaries will rise by 5%. The Salary Fund of Georgian Railway in 2009 is worth GEL 116 million. It was only GEL 109 million last year.

“There will be demonstrations”

Rezonansi reports that consultations among opposition parties about demonstrations demanding the resignation of the President haven’t started yet. The parties say these are inevitable and necessary but don’t know when to start. Republican Davit Zurabishvili says, “There will be demonstrations. They aren’t our only mechanism but certainly one we’ll use.”

Zurabishvili says that the Republicans have already started consultations on coordination of activity but not about the demonstrations specifically. The Labour Party says that it thinks street protests aren’t enough and resistance, insubordination and a general strike are also needed.