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Who do you think could become the leading opposition candidate for President?

Monday, February 9
“I don’t see anyone in our political reality who can become President. The opposition says that Saakashvili must resign but who could occupy his position is vague.”
Tata, dentist, 31

“I think Irakli Alasania has the biggest chance to become a strong leader of the opposition, that’s why most of the opposition parties are trying to start negotiations with him.”
Tiniko, housewife, 39

“Unfortunately our opposition isn’t led by one person. In 2007 they gathered around Levan Gachechiladze but we see he hasn’t got such strong political ambitions now. I don’t know who could become the leader, maybe Irakli Alasania? I don’t know.”
Vaja, physicist, 58

“The opposition is in search of a leader. I have no idea who it could be, but they must think twice before finding a suitable candidate.”
Dato, artist, 32

“The opposition can’t make Saakashvili resign if they don’t have a leader. For me the most acceptable candidate is Iraki Alasania. Nino Burjanadze also has political ambitions but she is very unpopular.”
Nato, hairdresser, 36

“I think we do not have a really powerful opposition force in Georgia. I cannot imagine any of our present opposition leaders as President.”
Inga, accountant, 45

“If I had to vote, I would choose Nino Burjanadze. During her short period of time in the opposition she has established herself as a real leader. I think she can be a good President, at least better than Saakashvili.”
Avto, pensioner, 65

“I support Usupashvili. I am sure he is an honest and educated man, who can do a lot for the country if given the opportunity.”
Maiko, sales manager, 26

“I think it is too early to talk about Presidential elections, I do not think we will have one till the end of Saakashvili’s term. The time of revolutions and street protests has gone.”
Geno, driver, 51