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What do you think about the establishment of a constitutional monarchy?

Tuesday, February 10
“This is a stupid idea in the 21st century from the practical point of view. From a fairy tale viewpoint it is majestic.”
Marita, student, 22

“I don’t like this idea at all; I would prefer to have a President rather than a king, queen, princesses and so on. Georgia had already moved on from this time, so don’t go back in history my friends!”
Irakli, economist, 29

“If we have such a great king as Davit the Builder, why not? But that’s senseless, today is another reality, so I cannot see any necessity for a monarchy in Georgia.”
Mariam, secretary, 36

“It would be great! We will have a king, queen, prince and princess. This will change our country completely, and I think monarchy will be a guarantee for the peace and territorial integrity of Georgia.”
Tika, student, 18

“I don’t think it will work in Georgia. The people pay the royal family’s expenses and Georgia cannot afford this.”
Neliko, student, 19

“I like the idea of constitutional monarchy. Many European countries have kings and queens, why shouldn’t Georgia too?”
Megi, student 21

“The marriage of two branches of the Bagrationi family has made it possible to think about restoring the monarchy. I think it is very complex issue and we must think twice before we make up our mind about establishing a constitutional monarchy.”
Dali, economist, 43

“I am not supporting the idea of a constitutional monarchy, as I think that the artificial restoration of the monarchy will bring nothing positive for Georgia. I do not see why we should have a king or queen in the 21st century.”
Lali, teacher, 42

“I agree that it was nice to see a beautiful young couple get married and all the royal ceremony, it was a nice scene. But I am not sure this marriage will change anything. I do not think it is possible or necessary to restore the monarchy.”
Tina, chemist, 60

“I have always liked to see ceremonies involving royal family members in foreign counties. It is a nice tradition, people love and respect their monarchs. I think Georgia was ruled by the Bagrationi for centuries, and their rule was mainly successful.”
Sofo, student, 21

“No, am categorically against monarchy. Whom would you imagine as our king or queen? Maybe someone is part of a royal family and descended from our kings but this does not mean anything. They live in the same environment and country as we do, so I really wonder whether they can imagine themselves as queens or kings?! Their name is the only thing that makes them part of a royal family, and let’s respect them, but do not imagine they could be our country’s rulers or something like that. That’s ridiculous!”
Maiko, teacher, 45