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What is needed to make Georgia attractive for tourists?

Wednesday, February 11
“I think stability and peace, infrastructure and customer service, also PR and branding is very important in this segment.”
Ana, musician, 28

“The most important thing is to retain stability in the country. Then attracting tourists will not be a problem in Georgia, we have so many places to go and see.”
Lali, teacher, 43

“Well, prices are very important. Last years rent prices were increased very much so many Georgian tourists preferred to go outside the country, e.g. to Turkey and spend their holidays there. Prices should be regulated in order that everyone can have a rest at the seaside.”
Kakhi, sportsman, 23

“We should introduce Georgia, with its all beauty, to the world in order to attract the tourists from the world. It also depends on what kind of situation the country will be in.”
Nana, hairdresser, 36

“The most important thing is to keep the region secure and stable, that’s when tourists will be interested in Georgia.”
Ramaz, driver, 36

“Better service, reasonable prices and no war – those are the main conditions.”
Koba, military serviceman, 28

“Georgia can now attract tourists who love being in extreme situations like war, crisis and demonstrations. Others will prefer to go to some calmer place.”
Teo, advertising manager, 24

“We can try and promote Georgian culture and nature on foreign websites and TV channels, I am sure this would boost the tourism industry in Georgia.”
Irakli, lawyer, 31

“I can see many tourists walking around Tbilisi, even in winter. I think in time more people will know about our country, and tourism will develop more and more.”
Natela, housewife, 47