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How do you assess Kakha Bendukidze’s performance in official positions?

Thursday, February 12
“To my mind Gilauri made this change because he took personal offence at Bendukidze. I don’t remember but some days ago I heard on TV that once Bendukidze laughed at Gilauri, and this is Gilauri’s answer.”
Tamari, housewife, 37

“In my opinion every Prime Minister has his own politics and maybe Bendukidze couldn’t agree with Gilauri’s politics. There may be thousands of ideas but nobody, except them, knows exactly what happened between these two men. Maybe if Bendukidze had become Prime Minister Gilauri would have retired.”
Gogi, soldier, 49

“I think that Bendukidze should have been changed years ago, because he didn’t do anything good for Georgia, he just sold everything possible and even the impossible.”
Medea, teacher, 47

“I think he just wanted to do business, and that's why he came into politics. It gave him such access to the Georgian economy and state assets. As for his performance, I will remember him for his highly-criticized decisions on privatization as well as for his scandalous comments."
Nino, interpreter, 36

“I am not an expert in economics, but I can tell you that the way he acted used to be very irritating for me personally. Honestly, I am happy that he will not be on TV so frequently from now on.”
Dodo, musician, 55

“I think he has not harmed Georgia as much as the opposition says, however I cannot say that he has done anything specifically good for the country. He was very good at making loud statements, that’s why he was so popular during his work in the Government.”
Lasha, system administrator, 29

“Bendukidze tried his best to make Georgia’s economy better and more liberal. This is what I think. I do not agree with the people who say he sold everything in Georgia. I think he is a smart man and can be useful for Georgia.”
Dima, driver, 42

“I am fed up already with hearing about Ministers and officials being fired or moved to another post. It does not change anything. I do not think Bendukidze not being in an official post will change anything for ordinary people.”
Nazi, nurse, 61