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Americans and Arabs major investors in 2009

By Messenger Staff
Monday, February 16
The Ministry of Economic Development states that in 2009 the major investors coming into Georgia will be Americans and Arabs.

Ministry representatives state that officials are doing their best to maintain a healthy business environment in the country to attract and accommodate more investments and comfort external businessmen already here. Since the Rose Revolution Georgia has been quite successful in attracting investments into the country, the volume of FDI having increased by 490% from 2003 until the beginning of 2008. The Georgian Government and legislative body have decreased taxes and negotiations about a free trade regime are underway with the EU. This was offered to Georgia after the Russian invasion, and would stimulate Georgia’s market and make it more interesting for investors.

In 2008 the United Arab Emirates was a leading country investing in Georgia. The Ministry of Economic Development says that according to its prognosis foreign investment in Georgia should exceed USD 1 billion this year.