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Will prolonging the OSCE and UN mandates change anything in the conflict zones?

Monday, February 16
“At least it should ensure that the situation doesn't deteriorate. As to real positive changes leading towards conflict resolution or the return of IDPs, I really doubt there will be any if the observers are not granted access deep into the conflict zones of Sokhumi and Tskhinvali.”
Nino, interpreter, 28

“I do not think it will change much, though prolonging the international missions will still have a positive impact on the conflict.”
Diana, IT specialist, 25

“I really don’t know much about the responsibilities outlined in these mandates but as Russia seems alarmed by their work I think they can change a lot.”
Nunu, pensioner 76

“In my opinion only international organizations are able to put pressure on Russia. But as far as we can see the contrary happens.”
Tea, student, 21

“These mandates must be prolonged. They are the guarantee of justice in these regions. If they leave Russia will feel free to do what it likes.”
Keti, dentist, 43

“The OSCE and UN mandates must be prolonged in the conflict zone. Russia wants to get rid of them but they should stay, as this has great importance for Georgia. None of the conflicts in the world will be solved without these organizations.”
Dato, actor, 28

“I don’t think they can change much if they stay. Russia has already showed the world that it doesn’t care about any observers and international missions, and it goes on encouraging the separatists.”
Meri, teacher, 61

“The OSCE and UN have been there for a long time, but everything has got worse. I do not think their presence will change anything for the better.”
Salome, interpreter, 30

“Maybe it will not change anything much, but at least Russia will have some limitation on its actions in the conflict zone and this is good.”
Zura, lawyer, 22