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Do you believe the authorities’ claims about Russia fomenting a new plot against Georgia, the Baltic States and Ukraine?

Monday, February 23
“Russia never lacks new ideas about harming Georgia in different ways. Who knows, it may really have formed plots against Georgia and other former Soviet countries.”
Zakro, architect, 59

“I think the authorities are only trying to scare people and draw their attention towards other issues instead of expressing their dissatisfaction with the Government.”
Maka, hairdresser, 37

“I don’t know whether this is true or not, but we should always be careful. Anything can be expected from Russia.”
Zviad, student, 19

“If we think carefully this isn’t far from reality but still I think our officials have some other aim when they talk about new plots by Russia.”
Rati, student, 22

“I think that our Government lives in a parallel universe. I can’t believe that anyone in Georgia will believe the opposition rallies are sponsored by Russian agents. This Government has discredited itself; you don’t need to support the Russians to understand this.”
Bella, translator, 29

“Of course Russia will be glad if Saakashvili goes away, however I don’t think Russia’s conspiracy really involves the opposition parties. People are sick and tired of this Government, that’s why the opposition will have strong support.”
Revaz, bartender, 33

“I honestly believe this current regime is more probably sponsored by the KGB than the opposition. Saakashvili has done worse things for Georgia than a thousand Russian agents.”
Kakhaber, retired, 66

“I want to believe that it is not true but there is the question, who does sponsor the opposition? If they are going to hold protest rallies, these need a lot of money, do they have enough? If not, how they are going to organise these meetings? There are many questions and it is an unclear situation.”
Shota, bank employee, 26

“The fact that these regions are not protected and Russia may strike them is not new and unfortunately this is a very realistic prospect. If last year our so-called opposition was sponsored by Berezovsky and criminals like him, why can it not happen again? The Kremlin and the opposition have the same aim, to get rid of Saakashvili, is this not strange?
Lali, housewife, 41